What is Subscription and how does it work?

  • As an alternative to purchasing Rack Extensions one by one, subscription makes it possible to subscribe monthly (30-day periods) to a selection of Rack Extensions of your choice.
  • Subscription only applies to Rack Extension devices – not to software (e.g. Reason), ReFills or VSTs.
  • Subscription Rack Extensions can only be used with Internet verification (by logging in from Reason/Reason Essentials). You cannot write subscribed Rack Extension licenses to a computer or Ignition Key.
  • There are three subscription Pack sizes:
    You can subscribe to one Pack at a time. That is, you cannot combine Packs.
  • You can customize (add/remove) your Rack Extension configuration in your Pack using the Subscribe-o-meter. It’s the full price that is counted in the Subscribe-o-meter. Rebates and promos have no effect. Once a product is added to a subscription, its price doesn’t change, even if the developer releases an update and raises the price.
  • Not all Rack Extensions are available for subscription; it’s up to the Rack Extension developer to decide if they want to participate or not. The “approved” Rack Extensions are listed in the Subscribe-o-meter, and have an “Add to subscription” button on their product page.
  • When you are happy with your Rack Extension selection, you check out by clicking the Subscribe button. After checkout, you are taken to a download page, where you can download your selected Rack Extensions.
  • The shortest period to subscribe to a specific Rack Extension device is 30 days – the so-called Exchange Lock period.
  • You can view your current subscription on your Products page at any time.