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  • What’s “based on”?

    Let’s say you find a great beat, download it to Take or any other compatible app, add your own vocals and drop the result back to Propellerhead. Then, your new piece of music will be shown as based on the original beat. This in turn may be based on one or several other pieces, and so on. Exploring the ancestry of music pieces on Propellerhead lets you find inspirational music and interesting music makers.

  • You say the service is in beta. What does it mean?

    It means that we’re actively working on improvements on the web site and the apps that we’ll keep rolling out as often as we can. It also means that we want your feedback on how well it works, not just from a technical standpoint (like if you’ve experienced a bug), but also how it helps you in your music making, and what you’re missing that would make the service more valuable. You can send us feedback here. Read more…

  • Where are the music feeds?

    On Discover, you’ll find curated feeds with the latest and greatest music made in Reason, Figure and Take. If you find something you like, you can open it in Reason or Take and remix it, sing on it or make other additions of your own.

  • How do I find my music?

    All music pieces you’ve dropped are listed on your profile page, reached by choosing “Profile” from the top right dropdown on

  • How do I add my music to Propellerhead?

    Use the Drop function in your app of choice. In Figure and Take, this is found on the “Song” page. Read more…

  • I only want my friend to hear my music. Can I share to them?

    Sure! When you drop to Propellerhead, you can choose to make the piece unlisted. An unlisted music piece will not appear in the feeds on Discover. It’s for private sharing only. If another piece of music is based on an unlisted piece, this will not be shown. Basically, an unlisted piece of music isn’t shown to the world and cannot be found by other users unless they have the direct link to its page. This means you can share it directly with your friends but nobody else will see or hear it.

  • What is this Propellerhead service all about?

    The Propellerhead service exchanges music pieces between users, platforms and apps. Drop music you’ve made in Take, Figure or Reason, or find and open music pieces from other users of the service. Pieces can be used purely for inspiration, for collaboration on songs, built on or sampled and remixed. Read more here…

  • What can I do with music on the service?

    A dropped music piece is shown on its own player web page. From there you can listen to it or download it to another app. Add vocals in Take on a backing track made in Reason, open a Figure piece in Reason to add more instruments, and so on. Read more…

  • What about ownership and license?

    All music pieces on Propellerhead are licensed to other users of the service to modify and use in their music. So if you find something you like, you can rework it, sample it, record onto it, or just listen to it. Read more…

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