Buying/selling used Propellerhead products

As with everything else, there is a second hand market for Propellerhead products. Before you buy or sell a used copy of one of our programs, take a moment to read through the rules that apply and the things to keep in mind as this could potentially save you a lot of time and a lot of grief.

Buying or selling used Propellerhead Products

If you buy used Propellerhead software and do not receive what you’re supposed to, or alternatively, end up paying for something that cannot be transferred to you (for example; non-registerable license numbers, NFR versions or similar), you need to sort this out with the person who sold you the software. If they refuse give you your money back, you then need to contact the police (or, if you bought it on eBay or similar, you may want to contact the people in charge there first) like you would in any other case of fraud

Please be aware that our support staff can only discuss licences – or the accounts those licences are registered to – with the current registered owner of that licence. In the case of a sale, the responsibility lies with the seller to transfer a licence – not the buyer, and not Propellerhead. Please only contact us about transferring a licence if you are the current registered owner of that licence.

Main things to keep in mind

Buying used Propellerhead-made software is just like buying anything else second-hand. A bit of caution never hurt anyone and it’s a good idea to read up on what to expect. Make sure you’re in agreement with the seller about what you are buying – you want to make sure you get a license that the seller is entitled to sell and that the license can be registered to your user account.

If you are unlucky when buying second-hand Propellerhead software and receive fake or non-registerable software, you need to resolve this with the seller and possibly the company that acts as a forum for the sale (e.g. eBay). If anything goes wrong, we will try to help clarify the situation but we can not accept any responsibility if what you bought does not live up to your expectations or does not meet the description given for it.

How do license transfers work?

As a buyer, you tell the seller your username (but NOT your password) on the Propellerhead website and you also let them know what email address is registered to your user account. The seller then logs in to their user account and uses the data you’ve given them to transfer the license numbers to your account.

As a seller, once you have received payment for the software you’re selling, it’s time for you to transfer the license registrations to the buyers user account. To be able to do this, you need the buyers username on the Propellerhead website, and also the email address that is registered to that account. Once you have that, log in to your user account, check the license numbers you want to transfer and hit the “Transfer licenses” button and follow the instructions.

Note that for the sale of a license to be legitimate, then the registration of that license is transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account. Transferral of ownership of an account – “taking over” someone else’s account – is not permitted. If a buyer offers to sell you their account, or otherwise give you access to their account, then do not take them up on this offer, as you will not be considered the owner of the account, nor of the licenses registered to it. Propellerhead are not able to offer support or assistance to anyone but the registered owner of an account.

What about the Ignition Key/Balance/authorized computer?

Before any license transfer can take place, the license(s) must be deauthorized from any Ignition Key/Balance and/or computer where the license(s) is authorized. If a license is authorized on an Ignition Key or computer, you will not be able to initiate a license transfer. Our support staff can not remotely deauthorize an Ignition Key/Balance or a computer, so the responsibility lies with the current registered owner to make sure the license is transferrable.

You can learn how to deauthorize a license by watching this video.

Selling earlier versions once you’ve upgraded to a later version.

It’s easy to think that once you’ve upgraded to the latest version of a program and no longer use the older version, you may as well sell it and make a little bit of money. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. We hereby ask you to take a moment to read the following text to stop you from doing something you might regret.

The basic rule is: no, you can’t sell only your previous versions or only your upgrade.

All your upgrade license numbers originate from your original license number. This also means that you can’t sell only upgrades without selling your previous versions, these licenses are connected and can’t be separated. Without all your license numbers, your license isn’t complete!

A new upgrade is NOT a separate program license, so if you sell your Reason 6.0 license, you sell your whole license. That also means that you will not be entitled to any more upgrades of Reason or any future Reason “accessories”. All these “extras” now belong to the new owner!

Buying/selling NFR versions and educational copies of Propellerhead software

Since “NFR” means “Not For Resale” it should be pretty obvious you’re not allowed to sell these versions but every now and then we are contacted by people who bought NFRs and are wondering why they can’t register their software. NFR versions is software we give away for free to journalists, business associates and others – the only catch is you can’t sell it (so if you buy one, we won’t transfer the registration to you). How do you recognize an NFR copy? There’s usually a big, red sticker on the box with “NFR” printed in big letters.

Educational copies work just the same, you can’t sell them either. Finding out whether a copy of our software is an educational copy isn’t quite as easy as in the NFR case, just check with the seller that you are getting a copy that the seller is entitled to sell and you will be able to register.

Can I sell/transfer/buy used Rack Extensions?

No, you will not be able to sell or transfer your Rack Extension licenses nor will you be able to buy used Rack Extension licenses. These are personal licenses that are tied to your account when you purchase them.