I have bought a used copy of Reason and when I try to register it, I get a message saying the license number is already registered to someone else?

Most likely, your copy of Reason is still registered to the previous owner. There are two ways to transfer the registration to your user account:

  1. Get in touch with the seller and ask him to transfer the license to you. Tell him your user name and email address, but not your password. He then can log in to his user account, and transfer the license in the “My Registered Products” area, using the information you supplied.
  2. If the seller refuses to request a license transfer, or you are unable to get in touch with him or her; scan or take a picture of your authorization card and attach the image to an e-mail to our  web support. Then we can transfer the registration to your user account.

Should you happen to have bought a used copy of Reason without getting the authorization card, we strongly suggest you demand to get the card or have your money back.

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