I have bought used software that the previous owner registered to his user account. How do I transfer the license to my account?

You tell the seller your Propellerhead user name (but not your password), and you also let him know what email address is registered to your user account. The seller then logs in to his/her user account and uses the data you’ve given him to transfer the license numbers to your account. This is the preferred license transfer method.

If – for some reason – the seller fails to transfer your license numbers to your account, you can request license number transfer yourself. Once you receive the software and the authorization card for it, you can send us an email with a license number transfer request. We then need the license number(s) that should be transferred and a scan or copy of the authorization card for each license number (we don’t need authorization cards for upgrade numbers that are to be transferred) and of course the user account to transfer them to (you need to sign up for a user account on our website before the transfer can take place).

Should you happen to have bought a used copy of Reason without getting the authorization card, we strongly suggest you demand to get the card or have your money back.

For more info on buying and selling used Propellerhead Software products, please go found here.