My Ignition Key is not detected

There are a couple of things that could block the local communication between the Ignition key and the CodeMeter software.

  • The CodeMeter software talks to the key using port 22350. Check that your firewall service is running (Go into the “Local Services” and start the “Windows Firewall Service), and that port 22350 isn’t blocked.
  • Reason doesn’t support Proxies with log-in (that your internet connection require a manual log-in when contacting our servers)

Troubleshooting your Ignition Key (Win)

If your Ignition Key can’t be detected by Reason or in your user account, it can be that you are running the wrong CodeMeter kernel extension. If your Ignition Key shows as a volume on your desktop, this is the case. Here’s how to remove the old kernel extension (KEXT) and install the correct version:

  1. Go to your Reason application folder.
  2. Right-click the Reason application and select “Show Package Contents”
  3. Locate “” in the /Contents/Resources/ folder in the Reason package.
  4. Double-click “” to run the app. (You might be prompted for your Admin Password)
  5. Click “Remove” to remove all CodeMeter files installed by the original installer.
  6. When you’re told that the CodeMeter Removal is successful, click “Quit” to exit.
  7. Launch Reason and the correct CodeMeter kernel extension will be installed.
  8. As this installation requires you to restart your computer for any changes to take place, you will be prompted to click “Install and Restart”.

Once you’ve restarted your computer, Reason and the Authorizer should be able to detect your key.

Troubleshooting your Ignition Key (Mac)