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  • Why can’t I control Voice Tune in the Mixer screen?

    The Voice Tune function is only available on iPhone 4S or newer, and on iPad 2 or newer.
    NOTE: On iPhone 4S, iPod G5, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad Mini G1 the Voice Tune function can only be used on audio track 1 (the pink track).

  • I cannot successfully complete native sign-in

    First of all, for this to work: Read more…

  • Why is the Tempo locked?

    In Take the tempo becomes locked after you record audio. This is necessary because changing the tempo after you record will cause a number of problems including the loss of quality in your recorded sound. To change the tempo, first make a NEW song from the song page, then choose a beat to sing over. Experiment with the tempo slider without recording, to see what tempo feels best for you. After you have decided which tempo to use, then start recording. Read more…

  • I don’t want other people to hear my songs, but I want to upload them

    If you select “Unlisted” when you share your songs, the songs are not discoverable by other users. They are accessible to you – but unlisted. When sharing with Facebook you can set the audience to only yourself or a preset list so it doesn’t appear to all users. You can also send the URL to your song via mail or the Messages app.

  • How can I share individual tracks (stems) of my songs?

    The way to do that at the moment is by manually lowering the volume of the tracks you don’t want to be audible in your song. Tap the Mix button and then lower the volume(s) of the track(s) you don’t want to hear. Then, share the song as usual.

  • What’s the maximum song length?

    The maximum length for a song document is limited only by the Flash memory capacity of your iOS device. However, if you want to share a song to Propellerhead, the song cannot be longer than 10.00 minutes.

  • Why can’t I sign in with Facebook?

    To authorize your device and sign up for sharing you must provide an email address so we can verify your identity. When signing in with Facebook, make sure that you do not remove the email access permission. If you do, you must go to the full version of Facebook on your computer and remove Take from your apps list and start the process over again. Learn more about this process here.

  • How can I save my work?

    You can save and load multiple songs via the Song page, accessible from the lower right hand corner of the screen. After sharing your song, you can choose to save a copy of the exported audio and retrieve is via iOS File Sharing. Read more about iOS File Sharing here.

  • I can’t get anything to record.

    Other apps which use the microphone may cause a situation where Take cannot record audio. If you hit the record button and the backing track is playing but you can’t create new audio, try manually closing all audio apps and then restarting Take. Alternatively, restart your phone and then launch Take.

  • Why isn’t my external microphone working?

    Take has been optimized to produce the cleanest sound from the built in microphones of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. To use a headset or external microphone you can change this behavior in the Take section of the iOS Settings app.

  • Why does recording start “in the middle” of a song?

    New songs begin roughly in the middle of the recordable space, so you can add intro material later. When you save and/or share your song, it is automatically truncated around where the audio recordings begin and end.

  • How can I get a longer song to record on?

    The maximum song length is based on bars (measures). For maximum possible recording time, create a new song and then before recording anything, change to the slowest tempo possible in the Song page.

  • Why can’t I control audio effects in the Mixer screen?

    Adjustment of audio effects is only available on iPhone 4S or newer, and iPad 2 or newer.

  • Why can’t I hear what I’m recording?

    Monitoring (playback of audio immediately while recording) requires headphones to prevent feedback, and is only available on iPhone 5 and iPad 4 or newer.

  • Why can’t I hear the beat when recording?

    When headphones are not connected, other tracks are muted during recording to prevent feedback and keep your recorded audio clean. Connect headphones to hear other tracks when recording, or enable the “Force Speaker Output” feature in Audio Settings in the Options menu in the Take app.