Reason 10 downloads the Factory Sound Bank even though I copied it from the DVD

If you experience that Reason 10 wants to download the Factory Sound Bank at launch, even though you already copied it from the Reason 10 DVD, it’s because the download version of the Factory Sound Bank contains more patches than the one on the DVD.

At the time for the DVD production there were no Europa, Grain or Pulsar patches in the Factory Sound Bank (because these weren’t ready at the time). We then decided to add these patches to the Factory Sound Bank before release, to make the content complete.

Therefore, do NOT copy the Reason 10 Factory Sound Bank from the Reason 10 DVD, but let Reason 10 automatically download it at the first launch.

Also, if you have any Reason 10 factory sound bank ReFills in your Reason 10 folder (in Program Files (Win) or in Applications (Mac)), remove/delete these before launching Reason 10.