Reason doesn’t see my Ignition Key (Mac)

If your Ignition Key can’t be detected by either Reason or Authorizer, it can be that you are running the wrong CodeMeter kernel extension. If your Ignition Key mounts on your desktop, this is most certainly the case. This could happen if CodeMeter was installed by another application or using the CodeMeter RunTime from Wibu. Here’s how to remove the old kernel extension (KEXT) and install the correct version:

  1. Download the 5.21 version of the CodeMeter drivers from here:
  2. Run the CMUninstall utility included in the downloaded DMG file to remove your current installation, and then restart your machine.
  3. After the restart, install the new version, and then restart again. (The restarts ensure that the old kernel extension is unloaded and the new one loaded properly.)
  4. After the restart, log in to your user account and check the Ignition Key Information page here:
    to make sure that your connected Ignition Key is detected.