Where are all the new sounds in Reason 9?

Reason 9 comes with three factory sound bank ReFills:

  • Factory Sounds
  • Orkester Sounds
  • Reason 9 Sounds

Factory Sounds contains legacy patches, plus all required samples for the patches in Factory Sounds and Reason 9 Sounds. Orkester Sounds contains patches and samples for the included orchestral instrument patches.

Reason 9 Sounds contains 1000 completely new patches, categorized together with legacy patches from earlier Reason versions. Reason 9 Sounds is divided into 13 categories - with sub-categories in some cases - to make it easy to find the sounds you are looking for.

All new patches in Reason 9 Sounds feature the patch creator’s initials at the end of the patch name,
e.g. “Comakid 808 Kick -FC.cmb”, where ” -FC” is the patch creator. This makes it easy to search for patches from a certain patch creator:

just type in ” -FC” (without the quotation marks) in the Search field in Reason’s Browser…


… and hit Enter to list all patches created by ” -FC”:


These are the Reason 9 patch creators and their initials:

  • Alexander Berg ( -AB)
  • Adam Szabo ( -AS)
  • Aiyn Zahev Sounds ( -AZS)
  • Francesco Cassino ( -FC)
  • Francis Preve ( -FP)
  • Gigantor ( -GI)
  • Kevin Shröder ( -KS)
  • Le Castle Vania ( -LCV)
  • Lukas Lyrestam ( -LL)
  • Simon Carter ( -SC)
  • Softphonics ( -SO)
  • Speo ( -SP)
  • Leo Nathorst-Böös ( -LNB)
  • Ludvig Carlson ( -LC)

The patch names without initials at the end are legacy patches from previous Reason versions.