I can’t see the models from my Line 6 POD/POD Farm in Reason

With Reason and Reason Essentials you can use POD Farm 2.5 and what’s called “computer authorization”. This will alows you to register new model packs to your computer without having a Line 6 USB device connected.

This is done using the “License Manager” application from Line 6. Computer authorization will authorize: • POD Farm 2 models • POD Farm 2 models any model packs

If you have model pack licenses in your account, but not POD Farm 2, then the computer authorization will not add anything to POD Farm or Reason / Reason Essentials.

Authorizing new models with Line 6 Pod Farm compatible USB devices works too. Find a list of supported Line 6 hardware here.

For all of this to work with Reason, you need the latest version of the Line 6 TWXY framework. This is included in Reason 6.0.1 / Reason Essentials 1.0.1. and higher. If you’ve installed from the DVD, please head over to the “Downloads” section on our website and download the latest Reason and Reason Essentials maintenance updates.

Important note:

As from Reason 9 and Reason Essentials 9 the Line 6 Amp devices are no longer available, but have been replaced by Softube Amp devices. See here for more information.