Education and Academic licenses for schools and students

Propellerhead products have become very important tools for music educators all over the world. This FAQ page covers all education related topics related to our educational products.

Student / Teacher versions vs EDU

Propellerhead Software currently has two different license types available for the educational market; those available to educational institutions, and those available to teachers and students.

Student / Teacher versions are available exclusively for students, faculty or private music teachers.

EDU versions are only for use in establishments and institutions – schools, colleges, universities etc. – and are available in single user or multi-user license packs of five or 10.

All versions of the software are the standard, full versions of our products. The only thing that is cut is the price. Get in touch with your local distributor regarding pricing and how to qualify.

Student / Teacher versions

If you’re a student, this is for you! If you’re a school affiliated teacher or faculty member and want your private copy, this is also for you! If you’re a private music teacher, this is for you as well!

The Student / Teacher Reason is the full standard version of Reason, available at a price more suited to student/staff wallets. This is an entry-level offer, and when it’s time to upgrade you should go for the standard upgrade. You will not be able to upgrade the Student / Teacher version with an EDU upgrade.

The Student / Teacher Reason is available from local distributors and retailers, and typically also available from your on-campus retailer. For more on how to qualify, how to get hold of it and how much to pay, please get in touch with your local distributor.

Eligible for Student / teacher licenses:

  • Students
  • School staff
  • Faculty members
  • Private music teachers

Current Student / Teacher products:

  • Reason 7
  • ReCycle 2.2

License type identification:

  • An “Academic” or “Student / Teacher” sticker on the box.
  • The text “Academic version” or “Student / Teacher” printed on the authorization card.

EDU version

If you’re a school or an educational institution (or rather, someone in charge of software purchasing at a school or educational institution), you should go for an EDU version. Beside the single user version, Reason EDU versions are also available in packs of five or 10 user licenses. We also offer site licenses.

EDU versions of our products are the standard full versions, with the exception that the license cannot be sold, and cannot be transferred. To find out how to qualify for an EDU license and what the prices are, please contact your local distributor.

To upgrade your EDU license(s), you need the corresponding EDU upgrade(s). You cannot upgrade an EDU license using the standard retail upgrade. If your original EDU license predates Reason 3 (and you have individual license numbers for all seats), please note that you will need to have registered all license number from your multi-pack to a single user account to be able to register the EDU upgrade. Should you need to consolidate any licenses before upgrading, please contact our support team.


Eligible for EDU licenses:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Current EDU products:

  • Reason 7 EDUx1
  • Reason 7 EDUx5
  • Reason 7 EDUx10
  • Reason EDU Site License
  • ReCycle 2.2 EDUx1
  • ReCycle 2.2 EDUx5
  • ReCycle 2.2 EDUx10

Current EDU upgrades:

  • Reason 7 EDUx1 Upgrade
  • Reason 7 EDUx5 Upgrade
  • Reason 7 EDUx10 Upgrade
  • Reason 7 EDU Site License Upgrade

License type identification:

  • An “EDUx1″/”EDUx5″/”EDUx10″ sticker on the box.
  • The text “EDUx1″/”EDUx5″/”EDUx10″ printed on the authorization card.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which educational products do you offer to schools?

Schools and educational institutions are eligible for EDU versions of Reason 7. These are sold through our local distributors, and are available in single seat licenses, and five or 10 user packs. Existing EDU licenses can be upgraded using a corresponding upgrade.

How can I upgrade my 5-pack or 10-pack to Reason 7 if I’m not on a network?

Your computers will need to be networked in order to use Reason’s multi-user licenses.

How can I upgrade my multi-user license to Reason 7? Will I be able to use Rack Extensions?

If you own a previous Reason multi-license, you are eligible to purchase the corresponding EDU upgrade (single, five or ten user pack). Contact your local dealer/distributor for more info.

As a multi license owner, you are not able to use Rack Extensions.

How can I upgrade my Student / Teacher version of Reason to Reason 7? Will I be able use Rack Extensions?

If you have a Student / Teacher version of Reason you can upgrade with the regular retail Reason Upgrade.

As an owner of a Student / Teacher version you will also be able to use Rack Extensions.

Which products are available at a student discount? Can I get a discount on your ReFills or Rack Extensions as well?

Students can purchase the Student / Teacher version of Reason. This is the same product as the standard retail version but available for a lower price, and can later be upgraded using the standard retail upgrades. You can find the Reason student / teacher edition at a local retailer, or have a word with our distributor in your part of the world. Sorry, no student discount on ReFills or Rack Extensions.

What happened to Record?

All of Record’s functionality lives on in Reason 6 and above. The Record, Record Reason Duo, and Record for Reason Owners packages are no longer be available for purchase and hasn’t been since September 30th, 2011.

I have an Academic Reason license. Can I buy a regular Reason Upgrade?

Yes! An Academic Reason license makes you eligible for the Reason Upgrade.

How much is an EDU or Student / Teacher copy? Where can I get it?

EDU and Student / Teacher versions are handled by our local distributors, and usually sold through on-campus stores. Please get in touch with your distributor for more on pricing, availability and how to qualify.

What’s the difference between the Student / Teacher version of Reason and the standard retail version of Reason? Can I upgrade my Student / Teacher version? I can’t find the Student / Teacher upgrade?

There’s no difference but the price! The Student / Teacher version is the standard retail version, but at a price more suited to students. When you upgrade, you need to shell out for the standard retail upgrade, though.

We’ve got loads of computers. Do you offer site licenses?

Yes, we do offer site licenses for Reason. These can be obtained from your distributor, on request.

Do you have a network version of Reason?

Yes, our 5xEDU and 10xEDU licenses are designed for authorization over network and you need a network to use them. You can read more about this at our Network Licensing page.


I’m a student now. Can I upgrade my retail Reason license at a discount?

We do not offer an Student / Teacher upgrades, and we do not offer any crossgrades. This means that you need the standard retail upgrade for a retail license (even if you’re a student).

Why can’t I transfer my EDU license?

Simply because we do not have the possibility to check the eligibility of the new owner. This can only be done at the time of purchase by one of our distributors or their retailers. If you are a school that wishes to sell your educational copies to another school, please contact our support team

Can I transfer my Student / Teacher / Academic license to a new owner? Does that new owner need to be a student?

Yes, you can, and, no, the new owner does not need to be a student.

Why can’t we register our EDU multi-pack upgrade?

Could it be that you are trying to upgrade one type of EDU license with another type of upgrade? You need to use the corresponding upgrade to the version you have registered:

To upgrade a five-seat license, you need a five-user upgrade. It’s not possible to upgrade a five-user license with five single user upgrades.

If you’re upgrading from a version of Reason previous to Reason 3.0, you will have one license number for every seat. You need to have registered all licenses number to be able to upgrade; if for instance you’ve only registered nine license numbers from a ten user license, you will not be able to upgrade that 10 user license until the remaining license number has been registered.

Where can I find “Teaching Music with Reason”?

Propellerhead Software has decided to discontinue Teaching Music with Reason. This means that the product will not be updated to reflect the changes made in Reason version 4 and above. As a consequence, the existing Teaching Music with Reason curriculum is now available to anyone as a free download through a Creative Commons license, for educators to use in their work.

Does Propellerhead offer a certification program for educators?

At the moment, we do not offer any certification programs.