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Audio card drivers - Mac OS 9 (and earlier).

Under Mac OS 9 there are two ways you can play back audio:

- Using the Sound Manager
- Using ASIO

Sound Manager

The Sound Manager is a set of software routines in the Mac OS. These routines take care of everything related to sound. If you are using the internal audio on your Macintosh computer you are using the Sound Manager, it is built into the system.
One specific character of the Sound Manager is its ability to mix audio from several applications. This means that even when you run , you can run other Sound Manager compatible applications at the same time, and they will all sound.

Mac Audio Cards that play back via the Sound Manager:

There are a rare few Mac audio cards that play back via the Sound Manager.

- If you have an audio card for your Macintosh, we strongly recommend you to try and find an ASIO driver for it instead of using a Sound Manager driver. This will give you higher reliability and performance.

Mac Audio Cards with an ASIO driver

An audio card with an ASIO driver is your best option if it is available. ASIO does not guarantee low latency, but it allows for it if the audio card designers take advantage of its possibilities.

- Using a card via an ASIO driver can give latency figures as low as 3ms.
- When you use ASIO, only one program at a time can access the card.

Note: to use ASIO you need to add an ASIO driver file to the ASIO Drivers folder in your Reason folder. If several program take advantage of ASIO this means you will have to duplicate this driver to each program's ASIO Driver folder.

More information about ASIO can be found on Steinberg Media Technologies' web pages.

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