Take - Creative Vocal Recorder

Sing, rap, hum, strum. Capture your musical ideas — anytime, anywhere.

Get Inspired

Record harmonies along with your voice, blend in effects to sweeten the sound and sing along to inspiring beats and backing tracks that come built-in or downloaded.

Record Your Ideas

Take combines the drop-dead simplicity of your voice memos with features custom-tailored to vocalists’ needs.

Share your music

Share with your friends or with the world. Share privately or publicly to let others get inspired by your music and take your ideas further.

One-Tap Recording

With a single tap you’ll be recording, beatboxing, overdubbing and creating song ideas to share with your friends or the world.

Backing tracks

Kick-start your creativity with built-in beats or community-made backing tracks found on Discover.

Three Parts Per Song

Add new parts, double them up and create harmonies. Take gives you three tracks per song to sketch out your ideas.

Makes you sound great

Take’s processing and effects will make your iPhone’s built-in mic shine. Surprise yourself with how good you sound.

Share your music

Instantly share your song ideas with friends or with the world.


Find inspiration in others’ music or share your creations and let Take, Figure and Reason users develop them.

Take Songwriters

See and hear Take in action. All songs below were recorded in Take with the iPhone's built-in microphone. No external effects or sweetening has been added.

Bitter Heart

"I often start an idea with someone and try and grab it on the iPhone memo app but now it's super nice that with Take you can think up chords, then a melody, and overdub with lyrics as and when."

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If I

Sacramento based rapper Carlo Nuevo writes music with anyone and everyone he can. A collaborative junkie, Carlo wrote "If I" with Derek Thomas from the band, Babe.

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A finalist in the 2013 Guitar Center Singer Songwriter national competition, Cyra Morgan continues to hone her songwriting style. Wistful, intimate, and piercing. Morgan has built up a respectable social media presence of loyal fans.

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Hear what others are creating with take in Discover.

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Capture your song ideas before they’re gone! Take is the perfect musical sketchpad. Get it for FREE on the App Store today.

Note: Take is optimized for the built-in microphone on your iOS device. Wear headphones to hear your backing tracks. Best results come from using headphones (the ones without an integrated microphone) and recording into your iPhone/iPod/iPad mic directly.

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