We are Propellerhead Software. We’re here to help turn people’s music making dreams into a reality.

In order to do that we’ve aimed to change how the world makes music. In a way, we already have, through our software tools and instruments. Several have changed how musicians and producers create and work. Some have even enabled change in contemporary music itself.

Our first product, ReCycle, enabled new ways of working with sampled beats and loops, invigorating a new wave of beatmakers and remixers. ReBirth made software instruments real, putting the sounds heard in clubs into ordinary musicians hands and with it new style of music. Reason took that concept to the next level, empowering anyone with a personal computer to become a full-blown music producer by handing them all the tools of the best-equipped multimillion-dollar recording studio in a single software application.

The tools of the best-equipped multimillion-dollar recording studio in a single software application.

Through that journey we've made friends with musicians, producers, players and hobbyists all over the world. Some have careers in music, others simply a home studio and a passion. But they're not the only ones who want to make music, not by a long shot. And with this we see our next challenge, the one that really brings us to the original reason we built this company. And that is to democratize music creation by reaching out and connecting all music makers across geographies, methods, devices and platforms.

People make music all the time, everywhere, however they can. While today’s tools are great, they are all encompassing, complex and force everyone to become a producer. In order to do anything, you have to know everything. And with that lots of people get left out. It’s time to bring together all music makers’ varying methods and ambitions. You should be able to work in the way you like, with the tools you like. Everything you do should be easily previewable, sharable and usable to anyone and everyone for that matter.

With the great ubiquity of computers, mobile devices, creative software and online tools everything is in place for such a undertaking to occur. And, we think we are just the company to make it happen. So, we're building an online collaboration and sharing service with super inspiring applications to take your musical ideas to wherever you want, with a minimum of fuss, together with others, and most importantly to have fun while you're doing it. And, of course everyone is invited to join in.

Come join us and build tomorrow's music making tools!

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