We are Propellerhead And we’re in the business of making musical dreams come true.

We’re driven by a dream—of a world where anyone and everyone can make music. And technology helps you fully express the music inside you, effortlessly share and collaborate with others, and become inspired by the experience.

No two musical dreams are the same.

Perhaps you’re a producer willing to sacrifice everything for a chartbusting hit. Or a poet who’s driven to tell a story over a restless beat.

Maybe you’ve fallen madly in love with the electric guitar and the riffs you coax from it.

Whoever you are—even if it’s someone who just likes to sing in the shower—we can help make your musical dreams come true.

We create world-class software products and services that inspire music makers and provide the foundation for a worldwide creative musical community.

Since 1994 we’ve been building affordable, innovative instruments and software tools like Reason, Figure, and Take, products that have helped millions fulfill their musical dreams.

Today we’re taking the next step by introducing the world’s first social network for music makers—a service that makes it easy for you to create music and connect with other makers eager to share, explore, and collaborate.

Everyone is welcome—musicians, writers and singers alike.

Regardless of your genre, instrument, or time zone, you’ll create more music and have fun doing it.

There’s also something for developers. Whether you design professional recording software, exciting apps or simple web tools, Propellerhead connects you to a world of music makers driven to create.

Join today and help build tomorrow’s world of music making.

Share the dream!

Executive Team

  • Ernst Nathorst-Böös - CEO

    Ernst Nathorst-Böös


  • Anders Molander - VP of Sales and Marketing

    Anders Molander

    VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Maria Rensfeldt - CFO

    Maria Rensfeldt


  • Erik Agsjö - SVP of Research and Development

    Erik Agsjö

    SVP of Research and Development

  • Timothy Self - SVP of Product Marketing

    Timothy Self

    SVP of Product Marketing

Board Members

  • Katarina Bonde - Chairman

    Katarina Bonde


  • Marcus Zetterquist - Board Member

    Marcus Zetterquist

    Board Member

  • Jan B. Anderson - Board Member

    Jan B. Anderson

    Board Member

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