Reason Everything you need to create amazing music. And collaborate with others.

Make more music! Reason is easy to get started with, yet as deep as you want it to be. It’s the music-making software that helps you create, collaborate and discover with musicians worldwide.

arsenal of creativity Tools for the job

Take your project from concept to completion entirely with Reason. Create with synths, samplers, loops and drum machines. Record live instruments, or your entire band. Collaborate with other music makers. Then polish your project with a built-in million-dollar mixer and an arsenal of studio effects.

More flexible Intuitive & fun

Inspire your sound with Reason’s intuitive flow and limitless sonic palette. It’s everything you need to write, record, remix and produce unique, original tracks. And with the new music-making service, you can share the process with musicians worldwide to create a masterpiece together.

creative flow Drop to Propellerhead

Create, share, collaborate and remix with others using our new music-making service. Bridge the gap between mobile and studio by seamlessly moving ideas between Figure, Take and Reason. Share your music on Propellerhead—the new creative hub for your music.

Musician Friendly Design

Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
This instrument creates music

This instrument creates music

Lose yourself in a world of sound. You will never run out of creative options with Reason’s vast collection of instruments and effects. They all look, sound and feel like their real-world counter-parts, and are easy to understand with their simple layout, free of sub menus and cryptic interfaces.

Reason's instruments
All about Reason's effects

This package sparks ideas

This software drives collaboration

Create, share and collaborate with other music makers using Reason and the Propellerhead music service. Get inspired by something a musician across the world created. Add your own contribution. Then share your music with friends — or everyone!

Sharing made easy

This machine transforms sound

This machine transforms sound

Give your tracks that million dollar sound with Reason's studio grade mixing console. Faithfully modeled after* the legendary SSL 9000k console it comes with all the sound-sculpting tools you’ll need—full dynamics, EQ, filter and effects—on every channel, plus lightning-fast bussing and signal routing. The Reason mixer will be your weapon of choice to tap into the clarity, punch, and analog characteristics of your favorite records.

All about mixing

This package sparks ideas

This package sparks ideas

Find all sounds, instruments and effects you need in Reason’s dynamic browser. With everything your music needs always within reach, Reason is fast and lean. It won’t get in the way of your creativity, but rather help you along by letting you work your way.

All about creative flow

This tool develops emotions

Make music the way you want to, and Reason’s sequencer and audio recording will be there to help you. Always adapting to you and your working methods, Reason's sequencer simply gets more music done faster.

sequencing & recording
reason creativity

This platform amplifies creativity

Expand your sound palette with Rack Extensions. Though Reason comes with everything you need to make music, adding new sounds can be a creativity boost. Rack Extensions are add-on instruments and effects that plug right into the Reason Rack.

ReFills are sound bank expansions with samples, loops and synth patches. Available for trial, purchase and one-click download and installation, there are now over 400 Rack Extensions and ReFills to choose from in the Propellerhead Shop.

Plays well with others Capture your creative spark with Propellerhead apps and polish them in Reason

Share, collaborate, sample and remix! Reason is part of the Propellerhead music collaboration and sharing service. Open a beat started in Figure and develop it in Reason. Drop your Reason track to Propellerhead and have vocals added in Take. Or check out Discover: inspiring feeds of music made by you and others, ready for use in your own creations. Reason 8.1 is a free update for all Reason 8 owners.

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Take combines the drop-dead simplicity of your voice memos with features custom-tailored to vocalists’ needs. Open your shared Reason tracks in Take to add vocals. Do it yourself or let someone else get inspired by your music and sing or rap.

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Create music in no time with Figure’s dead-easy touch interface. Add drums, bass and leads with no wrong notes and perfect timing. Tracks started in Figure can be shared and further developed in Reason. Use your own creation, or someone else's.

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Now in beta, Propellerhead Discover is the central feed of new musical ideas ready to inspire. One click to open something interesting that you want to include in your own music and one click to add your own contribution.

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Plays well with others

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What's your Reason? Reason comes in two versions: Reason and Reason Essentials

Reason 8

Reason 8

  • All instruments (9)
  • All effects (25)
  • Studio-grade mixer
  • Unlimited audio tracks
  • Supports Rack Extensions


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Reason Essentials

Reason Essentials 8

  • Essential instruments (6)
  • Essential effects (7)
  • Essential mixing tools
  • Unlimited audio tracks
  • Supports Rack Extensions


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Product Comparison Chart

Reason Reason Essentials
Subtractor Synthesizer
ID-8 Songwriter's Toolbox
Malström Graintable Synthesizer
Thor Polysonic Synthesizer
Neptune Pitch/Voice Synth
NN-XT Advanced Sampler
Live Sampling Editor
NN19 Sampler
Redrum Drum Computer
Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
Kong Drum Designer
Spider Mergers/Splitters
Matrix Pattern Sequencer
RPG-8 Arpeggiator
MClass Mastering Suite
Master Bus Compressor
BV512 Vocoder
Modeled Channel EQ/Dynamics
RV7000 Advanced Reverb
Scream 4 Distortion
Line 6 Guitar/Bass Amps
CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
DDL-1 Digital Delay
Audiomatic Retro Transformer
Pulveriser Demolition Unit
Alligator Triple Filtered Gate
The Echo
RV-7 Digital Reverb
D-11 Foldback Distortion
ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
PH-90 Phaser
UN-16 Unison
COMP-01 Compressor/Limiter
PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
Equalizer 4-band 2-band
Send Effects 8 4
Insert Effects
Master Compressor
Master Compressor w/ Sidechain Input
Lo-pass/Hi-pass filter
Spectrum analyzer
Group and parallel channels
ReGroove Mixer
Audio Tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Instrument Tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Time stretch
Creates REX files
Audio Clip Transpose
Blocks Song Arrangement
Factory Sound Bank 1.7 GB 1 GB
Orkester Sound Bank
Rack Extensions
ReFills Full support Limited support
MIDI out/MIDI clock out
Reason Essentials
Reason Adapted
Reason Limited

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