SpyCam December 2001 - Propellerheadquarters 3.0

Here are some pictures from the new office!

This is the new office a couple of weeks before we moved in. Quite a mess!

Pelle admiring the view at the new place. It's on the top floor, so the view is quite nice.

Well... to be perfectly honest... No matter where you are in Stockholm this time of year, it looks quite the same. Grey, dark and dull.

Now that's more like it! Ernst, can we have a view like this in the next office please?

Tage, David, Ernst and Michael wondering how this will become an office in under two weeks.

Niels: "I could have sworn my desk and chair was here somewhere. I mean, this is the office, right?"

Fredrik, Marcus and Dan looking for the optimum location for their desks.

The big unpacking day. The new place is quite big. We need more people to fill it up!

Almost done unpacking here...

Yes. It lives in our office.
Yes. It wrote lots of code that you are probably using daily.
No. It doesn't like to unpack.
Yes. It is insane,

Time for some play as well. Ever wondered if the Propellerhead Crew can play pool? No? Ehm... If you ever do, check out this pic for some smooth pool poses from Jonas, Mia, Pelle, Michael and Patrick.