SpyCam August 2003

This months SpyCam will be a short one, focusing on one thing only; our new blimp! After Reload and Reason 2.5 were released, a group of regulars on our board decided to chip in for a gift to thank us for being a "truly wonderful company" (hey, it isn't bragging when we're quoting someone else, right). The gift turned out to be a radio-controlled blimp and here are some photos to show you all how much fun we had with it. Thanks a million guys!

First things first! The new toy had to be filled with helium before any fun could be had. Notice how Marcus (left) barely breaks a sweat during his hard work! Now, if people could just stop inhaling helium before answering the phone all the time, we may have enough left to refill the blimp a few times.

Round, nice and shiny! Patriks facial expression proves the slogan on the box; “the perfect gift for your 32-year old child” was more than empty words.

More preparations. Jonas gets so exited while attaching the radio receiver that he grows an extra arm to facilitate work.

Final touch. Solis fastens a small basket (ok, it's a pen holder) to hold the ballast. We use coins and coffee beans and it works like a charm.

And there it is! The Propellerhead blimp, ready to go on missions. So far, the missions have mainly consisted of flying through the middle of meetings and hitting people in the back of the head with the ballast basket. Great fun!

The blimp arrived when most of us were on vacation, but the ones that were present all attended the premier flight.

Patrik watches as Jonas experiments with flying down the stairs.

This is what the propellerheadquarters look like these days. As soon as anybody (visitors, messengers, the mailman) comments on the blimp, everybody drops what they're doing to give a full demonstration.

Count on all of our projects being delayed by a couple of weeks by this. You don't mind, do you?