SpyCam June 2005

Summer has arrived in Stockholm and it's time to look back at what's happened during the last few months. First of all, once Reason 3.0 was released and the first orders started rolling in, it was time for the Reason 3.0 release party.

Since the advertising agency on our floor conveniently went out of business a while back, we could borrow their old premises and hold the party there. Once the guys from Primetech had jazzed it up with lots of colored lighting and other refineries, it was a great place for a party.

Visitors from far away, helping celebrate 3.0. Thomas Wendt (who handles our European press relations, to the right) and Marco "Raapie" Raaphorst (ReFill maker, VIP tester, Reason soundbank contributor and forum regular) swap tips on eyewear and growing very small beards.

Ludde, the product manager of Reason 3.0, is now on paternity leave and has handed over the responsibility (and the fun) to the man to the right - Mats Karlöf, our brand new product manager.

Two generations of Nathorst-Bööses, Ernst and Leo, have a drink together. The pattern of Leos shirt isn't normally quite as trance-ish, apparently the spycam couldn't handle the subtle Fred Perry pattern.

Every now and then, we'd take a break from the party and go over to check the computer where the Kaching application was running. Kaching keeps track of the Reason sales in the Prop Shop and was written by Tage in time for the Reason 2.0 release (but has now been updated to include the 3.0 value packs). The SpyCam was there to document when we reached the number metal-heads all over the world have a special affection for.

Speaking of Tage, here he is together with Ulrika, our brand new marketing assistant (remember how we try to show you all the new faces here at propellerheadquarters? Well, there's still a bunch of new programmers to be introduced, stay tuned for future SpyCam updates). Anyway, this dynamic duo now makes up the marketing department. The striped shoulder in the foreground, however, is not a part of it.

Speaking of marketing, speaking of Metal, here's James doing that old sign again (as you all know by now, there's nothing satanic about it, it's just a way of saying "just two chords in this song, guys")

Seems everyone was into musical simplicity this evening. Avid Reason user Indy Grinder joins the fun, while Loui's friend Helena seems to have a more relaxed and almost angelic outlook on life.

Micke's gesture, on the other hand, was so rude we had to blur it! Mingling in the upstairs lounge (where Tage had arranged an Indian-inspired room with oriental carpets, incense and Asha Boshle videos blaring) with John (right) and Patrik of Meine Kleine Deutsche.

Solis showed up in a brand new Hundräven t-shirt to talk to David, who responded by making his best zombie face.

Ever wonder why there's so few photos of our developers? It's because they do weird things like this whenever you point a camera at them! Mattias and Peter hang out in the downstairs main area.

More weird posing. Tage is looking happy. Little does he know that he's getting not just one, but two sets of rabbit ears.

Meanwhile, back in reality

But every day isn't a party. Here are some of the more everyday, mundane things that have been caught by the SpyCam photographers lately.

Look at the box. Then look at the miniscule black dot in front of it (a rubber foot for a laptop). How many black rubber feet can you fit into the big box?

The correct answer is 15. But of course, each foot has to be put in a plastic bag, lain between sheets of shock-absorbing foam and packed into individual, smaller boxes before they can be packed into the big box. You wouldn't want them to break while being shipped, now would you?

What's going on here? The SpyCam captures Tage making sure everything goes smoothly as a photographer from some cool magazine is getting photos of Ernst.

What's going on here? Leo has a ball made of rubber bands that he's very protective of. When he was out of the office, Loui borrowed it and managed to throw it on top of the sound absorbing panels in the ceiling and had to get it down before Leo returned.

What's going on here? Ola is making sure he gets a photo of Loui getting the rubber band ball down.

Just another day at the office, chilling with the dog slippers...

You know those people who claim Macs never crash? Here's what happened to Tages computer one day, so there!

And finally, once again, a "Don't do this at home"-shot. We like you too! Looks like your sock is long enough to cover the tattoo though, you'll have to start walking barefoot with short pants or something.