SpyCam September 2005

Summer is gone and it's time to sum it up. Things are always a bit slow during the summer, but at least we managed to have a couple of picnics and bury a product. The SpyCam returns with a bunch of the usual nonsense!

The day that Reason 3.0.4 was finished was a beautiful summer day, perfect for a celebration picnic!

Ernst, Tage and the others, relaxing in the green grass. Notice Tage's super limited V-neck "Workstation Replacement" shirt!

Beer and cigarettes... Micke is doing his best to counter all that fresh air.

Potatochips, beer and a boombox - what more do you need for a picnic, really?

Why is it that all programmers are obsessed with things like these? Some sort of tightrope exercise, except the rope isn't tight...

And, of course, where there's programmers, there'll always be juggling. Apparently, juggling is really good for programmers, it helps their brains evolve and relax. At the same time. Or something.

Faithful SpyCam readers will remember Michael, who was the Prop Shop-receptionist-handyman guy before Leo, but later moved to South America. He is now on his way to south-east Asia (again, to live the luxury life of a house-man (the male equivalent of a house-wife)) but stopped by the office to say hi. He looked really tanned and healthy, but needed a haircut.

Wow! A truly historic photo. Old Leo, Leo and New Leo, all in one photo. That's right, Leo is no longer working here, he's in college. Göran (yellow shirt, to the right of Leo) is his replacement. Another new face in the SpyCam!

And here's Patrik. Measuring himself again, apparently. Don't ask.

This happy Maltese gentleman showed up at the office one day. He'd been on vacation in the UK and, realizing he had an extra day to kill, he naturally got a flight to Sweden to visit the Propellerhead- quarters. Please note that normally we are not able to accept visitors that show up unannounced (yes, unfortunately that does mean "please don't try this") but as things were slow, we were able to hang out with him for a little while.

Tearing off the plastic wrapping from a brand new Reason 3.0 upgrade (no, we don't give them to visitors, he'd brought it himself. Again, sorry!)...

Getting the upgrade signed by Ernst, Dan and Marcus (who almost didn't make this photo, he's very hard to take photos of).

Picnictime again! Mats invited all the propellerheads to his house for an afternoon of BBQ and other delights. Only, when you go to Mats' place, you don't take the bus - you take the boat. Tage, Leo and Ernst relax on the aft deck.

This is casa Mats. Very nice!

Patrik and Ernst relax in Mats' backyard.

This monstrosity is Mats' grill. Seriously. You'd think it was some Russian contraption left from WWI, but that's what he uses to barbeque his hotdogs. Crazy!

Humongous as it may seem, the grill from planet Gigantic still isn't big enogh to prepare food for 20+ hungry Propellerheads and friends. Disposable grills made sure everyone got fed.

Here's Elisabeth enjoying a rib that's been barbecued the american way (where things sit for HOURS in semi-hot smoke, created by burning all kinds of exclusive and hard-to-get wood) and a glass of red. Although Elisabeth is a Propellerhead veteran, this is her first appearance in the SpyCam.

Marcus seems to have eaten quite a lot as well (three plates?). Behold the secret to getting a good photo of Marcus: have him wear shades - that way he can close his eyes as much as he wants to (which he normally does when you try to take a picture of him).

Jocke and Fredrik (two of the more recent additions to the developer department) enjoy a post-swimming beer.

Finally, to round up the picnic report, let's have a look at the inside of casa Mats. This guy is a serious gear junkie!

Cupboards full of mouth-watering stuff and interesting toys!

Not sure what this is, but there seems to be a cable running out of it and since it's in Mats' house - let's assume it's some sort of USB controller (even though it looks an awful lot like a stairmaster) .

And, finally, to end this edition of the SpyCam: the ReBirth funeral. We decided to let ReBirth go out in a grand style (check out the ReBirth musem if you haven't already). Here's Ulrika with the ReBirth RIP t-shirt which has just arrived from the printers.

On September 1st (the day we shut ReBirth down and opened the museum), we held a wake in the kitchen. Smörgåstårta was served (traditional Swedish funeral food - a direct translation would be sandwich cake) but unfortunately none of the customary sherry.

Ernst made a short speech and proceeded to hand out ReBirth shirts to the staff...

who immediately donned them. There's no better way to look cool than to wear identical clothes (right? right? no?).

Not only did we have smörgåstårta and t-shirts, there was also entertainment. Mats (remember the gear junkie photos?) brought his 909...

and his 808.

And with Tage bringing his 303, we had the complete ReBirth setup, ready to rock.

Loui, Mats, Daniel and Stoffe, all completely engrossed in making music that goes "beep beep".

Ernst, however, is less impressed with the ancient machinery and prefers his PowerBook.

It feels like we end every SpyCam edition with tattoo photos these days, I'll have to create a special gallery for them soon. This one belongs to one Zachariah Weckter.

And here's my personal favourite, a huge monochrome Reason logo. Unfortunately, we've lost the name of this beautifully decorated gentleman, get in touch and we'll put your name here.