SpyCam April 2007

It's been a while since we last had a proper SpyCam update (as usual) and (as usual) it's mainly due to the fact that not very much worth taking a picture of has happened in the office. So, instead of hot, breaking news - here are a few things that have been caught by the camera the last few months.

Around the office: the upstairs files

Let's go upstairs, where the magic happens! We haven't really shown what that area looks like now that it's finished. Here's the cosy library. Erik and Mats don't seem to be working very hard but looks can be deceiving - lately, the upper floor has been a flurry of intense activity more than ever before.

This is Jesper's private room. Jesper likes to keep the temprature way high (see the radiator?), so he got his own miniscule tropical climat zone. Not much of a plant life though but the Star Wars memorabilia is warm and cozy.

It's DAN!!!What's happening here? Muffin eating and web browsing instead of coding? This programmer wishes to remain anonymous.

No need to worry about laxness among the programmers though. Just look at this wall - it just reeks of frantic activity! Yeah, lots of juicy secrets here!

And how about this: the war room! These guys mean business.

The downstairs files

In order not to look bad by comparison, the rest of us have to keep busy as well. Tage has a new toy that he's showing to Ernst - a video camera. We can now produce our own video material, which should come in handy.

And we've also set up our own makeshift photo studio to be able to get better product photos of the stuff in the prop shop. Leo's in charge here but obviously prefers to stay behind the camera.

Ulrika, Göran, Tage and Tim inspect the newly arrived Reason and Propellerhead banners.

And here's how good they look, hanging on a wall. Coming soon to a Producers Conference near you!

Here's John, showing off the support department dress code. Anything that would look out of place in an Emerdale Farm episode from the seventies is banned.

And though Leo is on the same track as John, fashion-wise, Craig refuses to adhere to the rules, favoring a slightly more up-beat, modern style.

For most of us, lunch in the office means microwaving some frozen leftovers from last week but Ulrika always makes the kitchen look (and smell) like something out of a cooking show.

However, on Fridays, the office kitchen is usually empty, as all propellerheads can be found at the local pizza place. Ricardo's: easily the best pizza in town!

More junk food! Since the people we rent our the propellerheadquarters from seem unable to fix the ventilation (we've had no oxygen for two months now) and since Göran called them and yelled at them, we were given a freezer full of icecream. In an attempt to stay cool, Tomas helps himself to one.

Here's John as he was recording some demo sounds for a tutorial he's been working on. He soon discovered he needed a popguard.

And come next day, he gets one but he still looks far from happy. What's wrong?

Well, John is an avid pop fan and accidently got the metal version which eliminates all pop and (we guess) only lets high-pitched metal screaming through. Prepare yourselves for a weird tutorial with a metal-esque speaker.

Someone ordered a huge digital piano and left it unguarded by the door.

And somehow, it ended up covered in replace hardware stickers...

Speaking of things people left by the door, it's good to see people are using their brains. If the giant arrow wasn't enough - yes, "upp" means up in Swedish.

And, the in-between files

What's this then, an elevator? How can this be related to the work of Propellerhead Software?

Have a look inside! How are we supposed to get any work done when our programmers keep getting stuck in elevators?! Mattias patiently waits to be rescued while the SpyCam paparazzi snaps away.

Help is on the way though...

Floor seven and a half, now where's that portal into John Malkovich's head?