SpyCam NAMM 2008

So, you're stuck at home, huh, unable to visit NAMM to check out all that drool-inciting gear? Don't worry - your friends at Propellerhead have you covered - we'll do the rounds and report on any interesting stuff we see. Here's the first batch:

First up, something you know you need - a coffin shaped case for your Guitar Hero controller. A must!

You may not feel quite the same need for a bull horn, but If you do...

Here's a handy thing - a foldable guitar, made by our fellow Swedes at Devillan. Too bad it costs as much as a small car.

For the kid that has everything - the not-so-grand piano!

Or, if you feel nasty - nothing says "I don't like you" better than giving their kids a miniature drum kit.

Speaking of drum kits (and kids), Drumagog showcased their drum replacement software by lettin people play their pots and pans kit, later to replace the noise with nice sounding drums.

Spectrasonics blow their own horn while doing a very entertaining demo of Omnisphere. Putting guitar strings on a type writer - why didn't we think of that? The sound of an orange rotating in a metal bowl, recorded with a rotating mic, how come that sound's missing in the factory soundbank? Sometimes, there's a fine line between genious and madness and this product seems to have one foot on each side of the line.

This one has both feet firmly on one side though, however we'll leave it up to you to decide which side they're on. From the maker of the butt probe pedal, here's a new guitar amp.

Saturday update; time for more gear!

This may look like a Blackheart amp at first glance, but it's actually a refrigerator. What will they think of next?

Apparently, they will think 'let's build a three weeled bike out of drums and slap a fake Rolls Royce grill on it'. Weirdness.

All in all, the drum hall is a strange place. What we have here, is BFD IRL, if you know what we mean.

Great desk, we'll take two. Can you put them in a bag for us?

Now THIS is what gear should look like! Unfortunately, it doesn't actually do anything.

Fretted upright bass, isn't that kind of... cheating?

If you want to get serious about your ukelele playing, then you need to get a pro level instrument, it's as easy as that.

And if your hell-bent on looking insane on stage, you need to get a guitar that looks like a machine gun, just like Kane Roberts did in the eighties!