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Figure is a fun, inspiring and awesome sounding musical app for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. The slick interface makes it a breeze to come up with a great synth groove in virtually no time - and you don’t even have to know how to play an instrument!

A song in Figure is pattern based, meaning that the tracks in the internal sequencer utilize a number of selectable patterns that play back the beat and synth lines. All you have to do is select suitable patterns for your groove, select key and you are ready to rock!

Soundwise, Figure holds two Reason Thor Polysonic Synthesizer sound engines - one for the Bass and one for the Lead sound. The Drum section is based on the NN-Nano sampler of the Reason Kong Drum Designer - so whatever sound you will be playing in Figure, it will sound just great!

If you have the Take Creative Vocal Recorder iOS app from Propellerhead (available in App Store) you can open your shared Figure songs as Beats in Take (1.3 or later), and record audio on your Figure songs!