Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are some frequent questions and answers.

How do I register Reason Adapted and obtain my license number?

For instructions on how to register your version of Reason Adapted, please click here.

I am having a problem with Reason Adapted, do I get technical support?

As a registered Reason Adapted owner you do have access to all the technical support FAQs on our web site. However, you need to be a registered user of the full version of Reason to have access to our e-mail support.

Are my Reason Adapted songs compatible with the full version?

Yes they are! Song files created in Reason Adapted are fully compatible with the full version of Reason.

This does however not work both ways. You can not open song files created in the full version of Reason with Reason Adapted, as all devices used in your song might not exist in the Adapted version you have. Neither can you open a song file created in Reason Adapted for Korg in Reason Adapted for Digidesign, since they have different rack setups.