Upgrade to Reason

So, have we convinced you? You really really want to upgrade. Now, how do you do it?

Upgrade to Reason

Registered Reason Adapted users can upgrade to the full version of Reason at a ridiculously low price. By doing so you will be able to take advantage of the true power of Reason, including more functionality and more modules and effects, just keep adding them and make the rack taller and more powerful!

The upgrade is available from our shop. You can also visit your local reseller or contact the distributor in your country for more details.

Who can buy and register an upgrade?

Every Adapted owner can upgrade once. This means that if you own two Adapted i.e. one from a soundcard and another one from a MIDI controller you can only upgrade one of them.

What to do with the other one? Wrap it up nicely, give it to a friend and make them happy!

Add Record

As a Reason Adapted user, upgrading to Reason also gives you the option to add the Record for Reason Owners sidegrade, essentially giving you a super deal on the Record Reason Duo package. Learn more about Record

Find your distributor

Choose your country

Registering the upgrade

You first need to register your Reason Adapted license. If you haven't already, please look here for instructions. Once you've completed your Adapted registration, you can register your upgrade. You'll be asked for your ID number and registration code from the verification card you received with the upgrade, so please keep it handy.

When the upgrade is registered and verified by our system, the new Reason license number is sent to you by email. Authorize your new fully featured Reason version, make music and have fun!

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