Listen to Reason Disco School

So what does Reason Disco School sound like? It sounds like this:

Original mixes

Examples of the full tracks the Disco School loop material is based on.

New York 1

Philly 1

Philly 2

Los Angeles 1

Los Angeles 2

Demo Songs

Demos of what you can do with the Disco School material.

-008' - Funk Stalker

Anosou - Her Name Was Alexandra

Martin - Booblybunny

Leo - I Ett Soligt Land

Sharooz - Montmartre

Club Song Starters

Song starters and ideas to continue working from. These are included as song files in the ReFill.

Disque Aux 120 bpm

Force of Funk 125 bpm

Horn Star 105 bpm

Kingsland Skank 125 bpm

Perpetual Groove 128 bpm


Examples of some of the loops included in Reason Disco School.

Conga + Bongo


Drums with fill

Guitar wahwah

Horns LA

Horns NY


Rhythm guitar

Rhythm guitar

Strings Philly

Strings Philly

Strings LA

Strings NY