What is a ReFill?

Even if you haven't come across the term ReFill before, as a Reason user you most likely use ReFills daily. All sounds, patches, loops and grooves included with Reason come in ReFill format, as both the Factory and Orkester Sound Banks are ReFills.

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ReFills in Reason

As a Reason user, you're probably familiar with the term ReFill, and have used ReFills tons of times! All sounds, patches, loops and grooves included with Reason come in ReFill format, as part of the ReFills Orkester and Factory Sound Bank.

When using ReFills with Reason, you can load patches for any of the devices included in Reason, as well as REX files, samples in wave or aiff format, MIDI files and Reason song files.

One advantage of containing sounds in ReFills is that audio samples are compressed to about half their original file size when stored in ReFills, with no loss of audio quality. Samples contained in ReFills also load faster in Reason.

Most companies who make, sell or distribute samples make their libraries available in ReFill format. There are plenty of ReFills available for Reason users, on this site and from third parties.

ReFills in Record

Record comes with a ReFill sound bank loaded with insert and send effect patches, as well as presets for the Line 6 Guitar and Bass amps.

When using Record together with Reason, you can access Reason patches and sounds from any Reason ReFill from within Record, including the Reason Factory and Orkester Sound Banks.

When using Record standalone, patches for the effect devices included in Record, REX files, audio samples, MIDI files, patches for the Line 6 amp models as well as Record song files stored in ReFills can be loaded in Record.

Create your own ReFill

To create your own ReFills, you need the ReFill Packer application. ReFill Packer lets you build ReFill files for sharing samples, loops and synth patches with other users. ReFill Packer is available as a free download to all registered Reason users and can be found in the Reason download pages. Templates and instructions for creating your ReFill is included with the program.

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