A Guy Called Gerald

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To connoisseurs of electronic dance music, A Guy Called Gerald has something like a cult status around him. Starting his career in Manchester in 1988, A Guy Called Gerald was part of the spearhead of UK dance music with club hits like Voodoo Ray, an acid tune that is still being played in clubs today.

“I've never looked back”

In the 90s, Gerald Simpson (his off-stage name) started Juicebox records and released a number of pioneering work that helped build the UK Jungle / Breakbeat scene.

Lately, Gerald has relocated to Berlin and revisited his acid house roots. The latest album is called Proto Acid / The Berlin sessions, available from Laboratory Instinct records. It was created entirely in Reason.

A Guy Called Gerald is an avid live performer, using two Mac Books and a DJ mixer as his stage and studio equipment. Apart from portability and ease of use, Reason lets Gerald diffuse the line between writing and performance. "The way I like to work is to chop and change between the DJ world and a Producer's world. I find it easier to flow with my work if I can make a track or a sequence, mix it there on the fly with something else and then write another groove to it."

"It's a dream I've had since 10 years ago - bringing the studio into the disco."

Published: February 2008