DJ Pierre

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There are many self proclaimed dance music pioneers in the world, but few can pride themselves with having created a long-lasting style of music. As one half of the group Phuture, Pierre did just that with the track Acid Tracks released in 1986. With it's tweaked-out TB-303 bassline, it became the defining track of Acid House music.

“The heart and soul of my studio”

More than 20 years later and with countless of 12-inch releases and DJ gigs behind him, it comes as somewhat of a surprise to hear that he is working on his debut album.

- The album is called DJ Pierre's Afro Acid Project and I look upon it as my life's work, says Pierre

Two years in the making, the album features many guest vocalists and collaborators such as Loui Vega, Green Velvet, Tom Stephan and many more.

It was while working on the album that Pierre got turned on to Reason . Having been in the game for a long time, he was used to using all the classic hardware and didn't think he had any reason to switch to software.
- After six months working on the album I felt like I got a little stagnated, says DJ Pierre who decided it was time to try out the program that people had been talking about.
- So I got the program and it took a really short while to learn it and before I knew it I was producing some really good stuff on it.

After eight month's he realized that he hadn't touched his hardware and decided he was going to stick with Reason for his production work.

“There's no bass sound you can't create on that thing”

Recently, he upgraded to Reason version 4 and the thing that really caught his attention was Thor.

- There's no bass sound you can't create on that, he says, also praising it's built in sequencer.

- The fact that you can trigger it like a Redrum, like a drum machine / keyboard. It's really crazy.

Look out for DJ Pierre's Afro Acid Project. Singles are beginning to be relased this spring.

DJ Pierre Interview

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Published: March 2008

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With the club classic 'Acid Tracks' from 1986, Chicago's DJ Pierre spawned a musical phenomenon called Acid House. Fast forward to 2008 and countless 12-inches, remixes and DJ sets later, DJ Pierre is working hard on his latest project: The Afro Acid project which strangely enough is Pierre's debut album. And guess what... It's all done in Reason.


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