Kevin Teasley & Lamont Sydnor

Meet Kevin Teasley and Lamont Sydnor - the creative duo behind Distortion Music and Sound Design, an LA based company that specializes in music production for commercials and movie trailers.

In this month's artist story, they give us an insight into the world of commercial music production and how Reason have helped them stay ahead of the game in a world of fierce competition and short deadlines.

“Nine times out of ten, it stays the mockup”

The duo usually use Reason to pitch a job and then do a full version with live musician's once the project has been approved, but they have found that most of the final track is usually made up of the Reason mockup they started with, since the mockup sounded good enough from the start.

Among the favorite tools in the duo's arsenal are the Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill and the Reason Drum Kits ReFill. Lamont Sydnor is the duo's drummer and lays down the drums using v-drums driving Reason Drum Kits. Using the Hypersampled ReFill's multiple microphone outputs, they usually route these outputs straight to the studio's huge SLL mixing console where they are mixed together with the live instruments.

In the interview, we also get a walkthrough of a car commercial soundtrack that the duo just finished.

Published: April 2009

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Kevin Teasley and Lamont Sydnor, both originally from Virginia, now works out of Los Angeles, California. They formed Distortion Music and Sound Design to produce music for commercials and movie traliers, while still remaining in-demand instrumentalists, both for touring and studio sessions.


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