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Regulars at this site will know Adam Fielding as simply Adfielding, a friendly and helpful forum veteran. With his contribution to the Bassline Battle, he showed us all who's got the funk. We had a brief chat with the winner.

Congratulations on the first prize! First of all - the obvious question: How do you feel?
I'm incredibly excited - gave my housemate and his girlfriend a bit of a scare after running through the house before getting properly dressed.

I bet they liked that :-) A lot of Reason users know you from reading the Propellerhead forums, but can you give us a little background on who this Adfielding character is?
Well, I'm a guy in his early 20s currently studying popular music production at Huddersfield university in England. I'm currently in my final year, which is a real killer, but somehow managed to find some time to squeeze in writing an album earlier in the year. I originally hail from Suffolk, and I like my real ales. And pies.

Wow. Early 20s? I think a lot of us would have expected you to be an older person, having been around for some time on the forums and all. You must have gotten an early start?
Well, I started using Reason properly in... 2002, I think, so I would have been 16 or 17 when I first got into reason. I started using trackers at a very early age, so I guess I've always had a keen interest in computer music. It wasn't until Reason came along that I think music software progressed to a point where I was really excited by the production process as much as writing music. But at that age, I wanted to be a games programmer, so it took me quite a while to realise how big a part of my life music filled. I had been noodling around with an old guitar my dad gave me and a dodgy old keyboard before that, though... and I still do.

So would you consider yourself mainly a player or programmer/producer?
Definitely more of a programmer/producer - I'm not really much of a performer!

Let's talk a little bit about the winning contribution. In creating the winning bassline, what do you think was the secret funk sauce that both the user community and the artist jury fell for?
I like to think it was just my natural funkiness! But seriously, I think it was the crazy compression, slap-bass and general quirkiness. I think!

Would you say your bassline was inspired by any particular bass player?
I wouldn't say so off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure I was listening to Justice's debut album a lot around the time when I wrote it, which I suppose is a bit of an odd reference for a bassline competition... but I'm a sucker for massively compressed, crunchy noise when I'm in the right mood.

So, when not making funky basslines, what kind of music do you normally create?
Ahh, the dreaded genre question! I find it hard to stick with one genre for any great length of time, but I tend to write mostly atmospheric, sometimes ambient, industrial-inspired sometimes dance stuff. Sometimes I like to dabble with more orchestral-oriented stuff, but... you know, you'd think I'd be better at describing my own music haha! Maybe "Ambient/Dance with a shoegaze twist"?

Now that you scored the Grand Prize, what's left to wish for now that Xmas is almost upon us?
Lots of merriment and all around good times! Oh, and to pass the first half of my final year would be good as well. I'm a man with few wishes, I guess!

Haha. Modesty incarnated :-) So, will the prize package make a huge difference to your studio setup?
Oh yes, definitely. I've been thinking of picking up a sub for a long time now, and my current audio interface is... well, it sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, to say the least. My current keyboard has seen better days as well... I have a tendency to open things up and tinker with them if there's something wrong, which usually leads to me causing more problems than I had in the first place. such is the case with my current keyboard. I just can't help it sometimes.

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When not creating killer basslines, Adam Fielding is a music student who also finds time to write and record his own music. Find out more about him, his music and his debut album Distant Activity.


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