Oliver Chesler's Top Five


The Horrorist


Recording since 1989, The Horrorist has released over 70 12" singles and 2 full length albums, from Universal & Sony to the best known techno labels (Tresor, Neue Heimat, etc...). Live, The Horrorist becomes a mixture of industrial attitude and punk style with synth-techno music; from minimal or new wave all the way to hardcore and everything inbetween.

SMLCHOIRUHH (Factory Sound Bank / NN19 Sampler Patches / Voice)

I love this vocal choir patch for the NN-19 Digital Sampler. For those in the know it's a throw back to the mighty Fairlight CMI (1979). The Fairlight was one of the first samplers and came with a pack of choir sounds similar to SMLCHOIRUHH. The human voice is the most expressive instrument and this patch can be used instead of a boring old string sound. On my upcoming album I used it on a song called "Future Shock". I put it through a through a Scream 4 distortion and it plays behind the vocal during the chorus.

Hoover (Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Synth Lead)

This Combinator patch will be familiar to anyone who knows classic techno from the early 90s. This is the famous "Dominator" or "Mentasm" sound. It was also used heavily by the Frankfurt based label Planet Core Productions. So what makes up such an incredible monster Combi? The recipe consists of two Maltroms, a UN-16 Unison, COMP-1 Compressor, DDL-1 Digital Delay and an MClass EQ. If the Cern Haldron Collider makes noise as it flinging protons at the speed of light I'm sure it sounds exactly like this!

Fair Pusherristix (Factory Sound Bank / ALL Effect Patches / Modulation)

Imagine you could take your loop or sound and smash it as hard as you can against concrete. Adding the Effect Combi "Fair Pusherristix" is basically doing the same thing. This is an extreme effect thats perfect to drop over the entire mix just for a quarter measure as a masterful fill. An interesting fact about this Effect Combi is that it's actually made of two Maltrom Synths utilizing each units Filter Input. I used it on a song from my last album Attack Decay called "Now Destructor" (Out of Line Music).

3inchspeaker (Factory Sound Bank / ALL Effect Patches / Fidelity FX)

This is a trendy choice for my top 5 because this Scream 4 patch placed over swinging Roland TR-808 samples gives you instant "Minimal". You know what I mean by Minimal right? That Berlin based 5AM on Ketamine after hours "some guy just touched my behind" sound. There's no need to go buy some fancy bit crusher pedal with hand painted frogs on it. The sound your looking for is right here in this patch. I used it on a song I recorded with Miro Pajic called "Gigabyes Numbers" released on Lazerslut Recordings.

Hyperspace Explosion (Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Synth FX)

Here's a patch for the podcasting crowd. Say your making your monthly podcast (an online radio show) and your blabbing away in some interview and it's time to switch topics. You need a certain sound to make the transition work. Hyperspace Explosion is that sound. When I first heard this patch it felt familiar in a similar way that the Dolby THX wave hits you before a movie starts.

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