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His 2002 release on Mo’ WAX/Beggars Banquet, “Moments In Dub” was a both commercial and critical success by mashing up deep-house, hip hop and acid-fried funk into the mix. In 2004, Fields contributed to Derrick Carter & Mark Farina’s “Live At Om” mix-cd with “The Session (Move Ya Body remix)", a track composed by Jordan and longtime friend Roy Davis Jr.

Backlash Bass (Reason Factory Soundbank / Subtractor Patches / Bass)

My name is Jordan Fields and I have an addiction, it’s called Reason! The first thing I do when I get started is right click my mouse, hit create and add a Subtractor Polyphonic Synthesizer. A great sound to use for a nice New Wave groove is the Backlash Bass. I have always been happy with the preset sound out of the box but most likely I will tweak the Waveform on Osc 1 along with some up and down fader action on the Freq and Res of Filter 1. That in itself makes me smile so I go with what that does.

You can hear the sound of my Bass on “Spaced Out Symphony” by Cosmic City.

This song is located at

Comblead (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Malstrom Patches / MonoSynths)

This is a hot sound you can use in combination with the Backlash Bass for some left right panning effects or just PLAY it solo your main Synth sound. The Malstrom just like the Subtractor is very tweakable so you really can get inside this sound and pull out some nice colored fuzz.

RhodesMKII (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NN19 Sampler Patches / Piano)

I think the NN19 Digital Sampler’s Rhodes has to be one of the instrument Patches I had to force myself to stop using, due to the fact that is so sweet! I find myself going back to it over and over. It like a Yes man sound, do I use it? Yes! Wait No! Yes! I use all of the patches of the Rhodes, especially the MK1, MK2 and MK1Trem. These sounds are all love as a Preset but play around with the knobs and faders on the NN19 and these sounds start to talk to you. Go for a little LFO adjustment playing with the RATE and AMOUNT, this is a good start in customizing your own Rhodes sound.

You can hear the sound of my Rhodes on “Combinaca” by DUBraziL presents Pascal Cordoba.

This song is located at

I WANT MY 202 (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Sequenced)

The Thor is just sickening; I was speechless when I discovered the Sequenced Patches! I WANT MY 202 is one of those sequences that capture the vibe of Chicago House like LARRY HEARD and DETROIT TECHNO like RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM. One thing you should do if you really want to be creative is make the Reset button your first stop, not because the Sequences are not good, but because they are so good you are going to want to use them over and over the problem is, so will everyone else! Thor has whole communities of followers so go your own way with these easy steps. 1. Hit Run on the left and then Hit Reset on the right. Next turn off the blinking buttons on the bottom, one by one until you hear something you like. Then change the keys of each of those blinking buttons by turning the knobs right above it. This can go on forever so find a groove and keep it moving. This is a good way to do it I have found. Listen to my USE YOUR IMAGINATION Album where you hear me using the Thor a whole lot!

Hear it at

GiantStep (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Redrum Drums Kits / xclusive drums-sorted / 01_BassDrums)

The GiantStep is one of those sounds that is very easy to just keep using over and over in any genre, it’s weird it’s just very versatile sound, not to hard not to soft but plenty of punch! The Redrum Drums Kits are a great start out of the box, no doubt the Presets work. Once you realize you can mix the sounds together from kits, using any sound you can find in any folder you start to realize there are infinite possibilities. You should start with a patch from the kit that you feel is not your style. If you make House skip that folder and look inside the Rock folder, there is a Bass kick in there you need to know about. Don’t be afraid to turn the knobs, see what they do. They are there for Reason!

Big Up to Propellerheads, am I the first to say it? It changed my life!

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