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Shady Records Producer Ricky “Rikanatti” Parham is best known for songs Talkin All That and Everything is Shady, from the multi platinum album “Eminem Presents The Re-Up”. Rikanatti also produced Just like Me, He a gangsta, and co produced Miss Jenkins alongside Eminem and Mike Alonsodo for Ca$his highly successful Ep “The County Hound” which debuted #1 on The Heat Seekers Chart on Billboard as well as #106 on the top 200 on Billboard.

Rikanatti has produced for several artists such as Chamillionaire, Kurupt, Cypress Hill, Freeway, Royce59 just to name a few. He also produced the theme song for G4 TV Show Street Fury.

Rikanatti is not stopping there, he has produced several songs on Ca$his new Shady Street Lp and you can look forward to hearing tracks in late 2010 with Xzibit, Lil Flip, D-12, Obie Trice and many more.

Concert Grand Piano (Reason Sound Factory Bank/Combinator Patches/ Pianos and Keyboard/ Acoustic Piano)

This is my favorite piano. I used this patch for the track “Everything is Shady” On the Re-up Album after the 1st 8 bars in each of the verses and in the last 4 bars of the Chorus. The reason I use this piano because it sounds so realistic and you can also adjust the amount of reverb and chorus in the combinator patch. It’s the perfect piano if you’re looking for that authentic grand piano sound.

Feed Back Chamber (Reason Sound Factory Bank/Combinator Patches/Guitar and Plucked/Electric Guitar)

I used this Patch on Ca$his song “Let’s Talk About it” on the second 8 bars of each verse and also the outro of the song. This guitar sounds like late 60’s early 70’s classic rock guitar and the fact that you can adjust the feedback level, direct level and room level with this guitar gives you the ability to get the exact sound you’re looking for. It sounds like you recorded a live guitar in a million dollar studio. Its gritty it’s realistic its one of my favorites.

4 osc Classic Mono (Reason Sound Factory/Combinator Patches/Synth Lead)

I used this patch in a Song called “Take You Home” that I produced with Steve Dang. It’s an amazing sound. I used it throughout the entire song. It’s a mono synth but it has a bass tone in it as well. It’s perfect for that classic west coast hip hop sound. The synth allows you to play it with a G funk type of swing. You can adjust the cut off the Osc Detune, and the Filter for different sounds and tones. For me when working with west coast artists it’s a must use.

Artificial Choir (Reason Sound Factory Bank/Combinator/Voice and Choir)

This is my go to Choir sound. It’s a very gothic but authentic sounding choir. With the ability to adjust the Reverb release and filter it will be hard to use another choir sound after using this 1. If you really want to take this sound to the next level add the Scream to it and it just adds endless sound options.

Nush (Reason Sound Factory Bank/Combinator/Synth Poly)

The Nush Poly synth is perfect for Southern based hip hop tracks and also pop or anything electronic. I used it In Ca$his song “Take it to the Crib”. It was the lead sound for the track. It’s an outstanding sound. You can adjust the filter cutoff, Resonance, and reverb decay to get the exact tone you want. The only way for me to describe this sound is to say that its what’s happening in Hip Hop and Electronic music now. If you are trying to keep up with the trends in music this is a must use.

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