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Details Details' 2011 follow-up EP entitled "Adventure City" sums up the beginning of a beautiful relationship between ethereal melodies and bit-crushed baselines.
While sticking to his geeky roots, Seth Williams delivers a 5 track EP containing a multitude of genres ranging from eletropop, dubstep and four on the floor dance.
So far Details Details has performed with artists including: All American Rejects, Plugin Stereo, Family Force 5, Swimming with Dolphins, Stereo Skyline, Marianas Trench, Sleeper/Agent, All Star Weekend, Farewell Fighter, Day's Difference, Autovaughn, Run Run Run and many more.
Details Details continues to write, record and throw electro-dance parties on stages around the US, and webcasts house shows growing his online fan base.

Trance Seq Pad.thor (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Rhythmic)

My favorite texture adding synth. While my songs may not be pure "trance" jams… I definitely have a place in my heart for this patch and use it almost as frequently as my own voice. I really enjoy the gated vibe and punchy personality of this synth.

Raw_MM_Sqr1.smp (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NN19 Sampler Patches / Synth Raw Elements)

One of the go to sounds on a couple tracks. Even though it's quite simple, this particular waveform variation has peaked its little head out on more than a few of my tracks. After layering tracks on top of it, it always manages to bud the surface with its cheerful attitude.

Rich Voice pad.sxt (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NN-XT Sampler Patches / Voice)

Listen… This vocal patch is phenomenal. It usually finds itself as a perfect compliment with my Orkester sound bank refill and also works great when doing vocal harmonies on top of lead riffs. The samples used to sample this are so crisp and full sounding that it needs nothing to make an average sounding track sound huge!

GrandPiano.sxt (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NN-XT Sampler Patches / Piano)

The variety of Piano synths is one of my favorite parts about Reason. (Especially the GrandPiano.sxt.) I also have the Piano Refill pack as mentioned by NNXT but the stock sounds are wonderful. The defining characteristic of the GrandPiano.sxt specifically is the brightness and shimmer it adds and contrasts to the body of my songs. The EQ response of this patch really stands out in my final mixes and adds a really warm tone to my tracks.

Orkester Sound Bank (Orkester)

You must listen to the patches in this sound bank. The string samples are pretty much the best money can buy unless you Warren Buffet (I've come to terms with this not being the case). On a serious note though, I have shortcuts to these instruments and have most of these patches memorized as to what they sound like and applications to use them in. However, my favorites are the solo stringed instruments (violins, violas, cellos and uprights). When I open these sounds I will typically use them in combinations to develop my own trios and quartets along with silky pads to brighten up the overall movement. Amazing sounds…

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