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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 27: Using External Hardware Effect Sends/Inserts

2010-08-18 at 15:33

If you've got a hardware effect device that you just love... maybe it's a lo-fi effect you can't live without... or maybe it's a Lexicon 960L... you can wire these effects into Record's FX sends and Inserts to process audio tracks and devices.

This week I show you the literal "ins and outs" of using external FX with Record and how to make them a permanent part of your song for exporting and archiving.

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James Bernard

James Bernard Product Specialist SmallAs the Propellerhead Product Specialist, James Bernard is constantly travelling the globe to spread the Propellerhead message. Tradeshows, Producers Conferences and in-store demos are just some of the events where you may find him doing his thing. He's also a well-known face on the Propellerhead website where numerous educational videos featuring James can be found, and we have now decided to give him a page of his own - the one you're looking at right now!

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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 26: Thor Step Sequencer Tips

2010-08-12 at 19:37

Have you ever loaded up a really neat Thor Step Sequencer patch that sounds great?

Have you then done all sorts of automation to make it behave the way you want it to in your track?

Well in this week's tip I'll show you how to tame the Thor Step Sequencer so you can trigger it, transpose it, and use note on/off messages from a controller to "play" the pattern exactly how you want.


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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 25: Replacing a Live Keyboard Rig with Reason/Record

2010-08-08 at 12:55

Many of you wouldn't dream of risking a live performance on some other DAW or software workstation out there and I wouldn't blame you. Crashes are a bummer in the studio but they're absolutely not allowable on stage.

Fortunately, Reason's now legendary rock-solid stability has made it a favorite LIVE keyboard sound engine for many of today's top touring acts. This week I show you how to set up in Reason for seamless live patch switching and performance.



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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 24: Live DJ Mixing

2010-08-08 at 12:48

Get ready to wire up your DJ mixer and sound card together for some killer live DJ sets. Reason and Record's stability and efficiency make them ideal tools for live DJ mixing. In this week's tutorial I'll show you some wiring and creative strategies to blast your mixes up to 11 and crossfade between song files for a non-stop mix.


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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 23:Record Key Commands to Speed up Workflow

2010-08-08 at 12:46

This week I'm coming to you from the UK with round two of our key command bonanza. This week we go over some of the commonality between Reason and Record then look at some Record specific shortcuts. Once you master these you could practically throw out your mouse... one hand on the computer keyboard and the other on a controller keyboard.



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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 22: Reason Key Commands to Speed up Workflow

2010-07-16 at 12:43

Wanna impress all your friends with your mad Reason skillz? This weeks episode will give you all the tools you need to have you blazing around your Reason sessions and make you the envy of all your friends.

Small correction...

@ 3:12 in the video I say to use the Command Key in PC... um... obviously there is no Command Key. Use ALT.

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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 21 - Combinator Tips and Tricks Part 2

2010-07-09 at 22:27

The combinator is like a bottomless pit of possibility. I always find that the more I tweak it, the more "extra-tweakable" I realize it is.

Last week I reintroduced the fundamentals of the combinator for you. This week I'll go deep with you and show you some advanced techniques you can employ.

Keep one hand on your controller keyboard and the other on the youtube pause button... this one moves quickly.

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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 20 - Combinator Tips and Tricks Part 1

2010-07-03 at 17:08

Even though the Combinator has been around for a while now... I still come across people who are not quite sure what it is and how they can use it. This week I cover some of the basics of what the Combinator is and go through the process of creating a patch with a split keyboard and selectable drum patterns.


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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 19 - Breaking out of Writer's Block

2010-07-03 at 17:06

All of us have experienced some sort of writer's block at one point or another... and I have found that there are some features of Reason and Record that help to break me out of that block and get back to composing. This week I talk a bit about the Alter Note/Alter Pattern functions and using the ReGroove Mixer to inspire new ideas.



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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 18: Using the Beat Repeater Effect

2010-06-17 at 23:52

This week I show how to use the Beat Repeater Effect from the Record Sound Bank and how to tweak it using any USB control surface.. urface.. urface.. urface.

Reason users can download the patch from this link. stuff/

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