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Welcome to Record U, University of Recording.

Record U is a series of articles created for those who are new to Propellerhead Record, or music recording in general. While Record U is based on Propellerhead Record, all tips are universal, and will help you get started with recording, music-making and music software regardless of what tools you use.

Record U

Part 1: Recording Guitar by Matt Piper
Part 2a: Tools for Mixing: EQ by Ernie Rideout
Part 2b: Tools for Mixing: EQ by Ernie Rideout
Part 3: Tools for Mixing: Dynamics by Ernie Rideout
Part 4: Tools for Mixing: Levels & Panning by Ernie Rideout
Part 5: Recording Vocals by Gary Bromham
Part 6: Preparing a Space for Recording by Gary Bromham
Part 7: Tools for Mixing: Reverb by Ernie Rideout
Part 8: Tools for Mixing: Insert Effects by Ernie Rideout
Part 9: Recording Drums in Your Home Studio by Giles Reaves
Part 10: Vocal Production and Perfection by Giles Reaves