A word from the Support Department

This month's wisdom from the support department is a reminder about one of the most useful features in Reason 3.0: Remote.

Since the introduction of the Remote technology in Reason 3, setting up your MIDI control surface for use with Reason is as easy as can be.

Provided that your control surface already supports Remote and is connected via USB, it can be as easy as clicking the "Auto-Detect Surfaces" button in the Control Surface section of your Reason preferences. If your control surface doesn't support auto-detection, just add it manually. Click "Add", select the manufacturer and model from the Model pop-up menu and finally set MIDI input by clicking "Find" then play a key or move a control on your control surface. You can of course add more than one surface! Just lock any additional surfaces to their own device.

To find out if your control surface supports Remote, check the updated list (complete with extra features and download links!).

If your surface is not on the list, do not despair! Add it manually and set the manufacturer preference to "Other". Sift through the Model pop-up menu and read the description to see which one matches the kind of control surface you're adding. If it's a drum pad controller you have, keep in mind that your pads are actually keys, even if not painted black and white.

There are many ways of using your non supported controller with Remote. Got knobs and faders? Either program the controls on your surface to send MIDI CC messages according to the "MIDI Implementation charts" document (found in the Reason Documentation folder), or even better set them up to your own liking using Remote Override. Page 45 in the Operation Manual will let you in on all you need to know about taking control over Reason.

Got a huge MIDI keyboard, but only know how to play Chopsticks? Don't worry - there are plenty of uses for your spare keys. For instance, use them to control Reason's transport panel! Activate "Remote Override Edit Mode" from the Options menu and click anywhere on Reason's transport panel. All remote controllable parameters will now be marked with a blue arrow. Double click the Play button and the arrow will turn into a rotating lightning bolt. Press the key on your keyboard you want to map the parameter to and - voila! You now control sequencer playback from your keyboard. Continue with the rest of the transport buttons to map record, stop or even tempo up/down to your keyboard.

For more Remote fun, check out the "Additional Remote Overrides..." There you'll be able to Override things like selecting next/previous patch or targeting next/previous track.

Haven't got a MIDI keyboard but don't want to miss out on the control fest? Activate "Enable Keyboard Control" from the "Options" menu and enter "Keyboard Control Edit Mode" to setup your QWERTY keyboard to control Reason via Remote. For example you can use your keyboard to control mixer mutes, or map them to the Pattern Select buttons of a Redrum Drum Computer. The possibilities are endless!

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