From the support guys: What the FAQ - reasontly asked questions about Thor and more

The wizards of the support dept. make a glorious return to answer the most frequently asked questions of late.

With a new version of Reason out, with several new devices and a completely revamped sequencer there's bound to be a lot of questions! Below you'll find answers to the six most frequent of the frequently asked ones. Even more answers can be found in the Support pages at

How do I create a sequencer track?

In Reason version 4 a track can never exist without a parent device, but a device can exist without a track. To create a track for an effect device, or any other device that isn't automatically assigned to a track when created, right click the device and select "Create track for..." from the context menu.

Holding Alt when creating a device reverses this behavior; effect devices are created with tracks, and instrument devices without.

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When I create a new device it comes preloaded with a patch. What gives?

In Reason version 4, new devices are preloaded with a patch. If you'd rather have the devices to default to the Init Patch, like in previous versions of Reason, simply deactivate Load Default Sound in New Devices in the Preferences.

In Reason 3, hitting RETURN on my NumPad got me to the beginning of my loop, then to the beginning of my song. This doesn't seem to work any longer!

This has been changed in Reason version 4. Now, use NumPad [0] to first stop, then to go to the point where you started playing and finally to get to the start of the song. Unfortunately, the Key Commands PDF for Reason version 4 was not ready in time to make it on to the DVD. Fortunately, you can get it here instead:

I can't seem to wrap my head around the Arpeggio Notes to Track function \<(O.o)>/

Arpeggio Notes to Track does not work with live input from your MIDI keyboard - it converts notes recorded in the sequencer. To use this feature you first need to record the arpeggiator input, then you can render the arpeggiator's output to notes.

Step-by-step instructions can be found in this FAQ

Why can't I duplicate my clips? Ctrl-D doesn't work and the menu option is grayed out!

Edit/Duplicate is only available for duplicating sequencer tracks and devices. When available, the menu item will actually read "Duplicate Tracks and Devices."

To duplicate clips and notes, use Copy/Paste instead. Pasting a clip or a group of notes will move the song position to the end of the pasted data (or to the next snap position after the end of the clip, if snap is activated). This makes multiple pastes (duplicates) perfectly possible.

How do I lay down Thor's step sequencer to track, like from the Matrix?

It's not possible to copy the data from Thor's step sequencer to a track. This is because the Thor sequences are an integrated part of the patch. The many ways it can be used to dynamically modulate the sound - or even the sequence itself - doesn't necessarily correspond 1:1 to the more static nature of a traditional step sequencer. You can of course route the CV from any of the step sequencer's channels to Thor's CV outs, to control other devices. You can also route Thor's Note/Gate CV to another device to play what Thor is playing.